Home Delivery


Pekin Lab offers delivery every day that we are open, 6 days a week.

Unlike some places who offer delivery a few days per week or only limited hours, we offer delivery all day and every day that we are open.

While everyone may not always need delivery, we want everyone to know that it is available whenever the need should arise. We find this especially useful for people of all ages. It might be an older person getting discharged from the hospital and the family doesn’t have to make a stop on the way home or a parent with a sick child who wants to avoid getting the child out of the car for another errand. Either way, our delivery service can give you extra time in your day. Instead of driving to a big box store and waiting for a long time, you simply call us and request that we deliver your medication to your home. Delivery is available to the Pekin area. This includes: North Pekin, Marquette Heights and South Pekin.